Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 24
Number of players: 3 – 4
Seniority of cards: 9, B, D, K, 10, T.
The goal: to collect 1001 points or more.
Game rules. The deliverer is determined by lot, then the players hand over the cards in turn. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed and each player is dealt 7 cards, 3 cards are placed in the purchase. You can not put the first and last cards in the purchase. The seniority of cards in points: ACE – 11 points, 10 – 10 points, king – 4 points, lady – 3 points, Jack – 2 points, nine – 0 points. The game begins with bargaining, which begins the player who sits to the left of the deliverer. The minimum number of points from which you can start trading is 40 points, you can add only 5 points. The sum of points that the player calls must be a multiple of five. A player who does not have a marriage on his hands can call a maximum of 120 points. Each player can either pass or name a higher amount. The player who saved once, more in the auction does not participate. The purchase goes to the player who called a higher amount of points. This player shows the buy-in to all players, and then gives one card to each player in the dark. After that, the player who took the purchase, calls the final number of points that he must take in this game. The same player has the right of the first move, in the future the player who won the bribe goes. The player can enter from any card, the next player must put a card of the same suit, and if it is absent, then he must put a trump card. The game is no-trump as long as any of the players did not announce the marriage. Marriage is announced only at its course. The player goes to the lady or king of the marriage and declares marriage. The next player who wins a bribe, gets the right to declare his marriage. In this case, the trump suit changes and the new trump suit becomes the suit of the new marriage. After the bribes are played, the points are counted. The amounts of points that are obtained are rounded up or down to a multiple of five. In addition to points for bribes, players are awarded points for the declared marriage:

40 points – for the peak marriage;
60 points for the marriage of clubs;
80 points – for diamonds marriage;
100 points for the marriage of hearts.

As soon as the player who took the purchase, scored points equal to the declared or more, the player adds to his record the final amount announced by him. If nothing was announced after taking the purchase, then the amount for which the player took the purchase is recorded. If the points taken are less than the declared points, they are deducted from the record. All other players write in plus points on the cards of their bribes. If 2 players out of three pass, the player on the last hand takes the buy-in and, after reviewing the cards, either plays, or calls the number of points that he intends to take, or throws his cards (in this case, all players except the one sitting on the buy-out, write themselves a plus of 50 points). The player who has managed to get himself a Talon, and found after his capture, that he will not be able to receive this amount on the card can throw the cards and write yourself the amount with a minus sign. If 4 players play, the deliverer writes himself for the purchase of the following number of points: for 3 nines – 100 points, for other cards – the amount of points on the cards. The player who first scored 1001 points or more is considered the winner.