Card Lottery

Number of decks: 2
Number of cards in the deck: 52
Number of players: from 2 or more
Seniority of cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, D, K, T.
Goal of the game: win chips and get rid of their cards.
Rules of the game. In addition to the cards, the game uses chips that each player buys before the game. Before the cards are dealt, each player places any number of them in a special box. The deliverer and banker are determined by drawing lots and each is given a deck of cards. The banker takes his deck, carefully shuffles, removes, draws 4 cards and puts the chips in front of him and puts chips on these cards, with an arbitrary number of chips on each card. This is a lottery win. Then the deliverer takes his deck, carefully shuffles and distributes 3 cards to each player. Then the banker opens 4 cards, on which chips stand, and the player who has an identical winning card in his hand picks up the number of chips that were on the card. These cards are removed from the game. After that, the banker puts a different card from his deck instead of the removed one, the players again put the chips in the box, and the deliverer again hands 3 cards to each player, after which the banker puts the chips on the laid out card. Then everything repeats according to the above scheme, and only the newly dealt 3 cards take part in the draw, the cards that participated in the previous draw are put aside next to the player in the closed form. Thus, the rally is repeated several times and by the end of the change each player has a certain number of cards. The player who received the last win continues the game by moving any card to the player to the left. The next player can beat this card, with a card of a higher suit, if he can’t beat, then he takes it for himself, and the turn moves to the next player. So, as long as there is no one player left with the cards. This player is considered the loser and he puts in the box for the remaining cards a certain number of chips: for hearts – 4 chips; for clubs – 3 chips; for tambourines – 2 chips; for the peaks – 1 chip. If the player runs out of chips for the next game, then he can buy them. After the game is over, chips can be exchanged for money.