Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 32
Number of players: 2
Seniority of cards: 7, 8, 9, 10, B, D, K, T.
Purpose of the game: first to score 10 points or more.
Rules of the game. Old German game where 2 players play. Players can make bets if they are playing with bets or not making bets if the game is without bets. Cards from ten to ace are called pieces (oners). In total, there are 20 pieces in the deck. The first deliverer is determined by drawing lots, then the players deal with the cards in turn. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed, and each player is dealt 6 cards, 3 times two cards. The remaining deck of 20 cards is placed in the center of the table unopened. The first move belongs to the opponent of the deliverer. He can enter from any of his cards, the next player must put any of his cards of the same suit onto this card, if there is no card of this suit, he can put any card. The player whose card turns out to be older in suit is taken away. There are no trumps in the game. After each draw of cards, players take one card from the deck. The first player to take the cards from the deck is the player who went first. After the deck is disassembled, the rules for drawing cards change and players may no longer walk in the suit, even if it is available. After drawing the last 16th bribe, count the number of pieces (oner). The winner gets the following points: for 20 pieces – 5 points; for 19 and 18 figures – 4 points; for 17 and 16 figures – 3 points; for 15 and 14 figures – 2 points; for 13 and 11 pieces – 1 point. If both players score 10 points, then a draw is declared, but in the next game, if the game goes to the stakes, the bets will double.