Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 24
Number of players: 4 (two on two)
Seniority of cards: 3, 4, 5, 6, T, 2.
The goal of the game: together with a partner, the first to score 10 or more points.
Game rules. The rules of this game are developed by David Schulman. The very name “Nimby” comes from the English phrase “not in my back yard”, which means “not in my backyard”. Usually this word is used to denounce the development of something. NIMBY is a game for four players who play couple to couple. Play a deck of 24 cards in which twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes and aces. Deuces are always trumps and their seniority in different suits the following from Junior to senior: 2 diamonds, 2 hearts, 2 peaks, 2 clubs. In addition to twos, there is a trump suit, the cards of which already go by seniority after 2 clubs. To determine the partnership, players do the following: each player takes one card from the deck and the first partners are the players who pulled the highest and lowest cards from the deck, the remaining players become the second pair. If several players draw the same high cards, they draw another card. Partners sit at the table opposite each other, so that the left and right of each partner are his rivals. The first deliverer in the game is determined by lot, in the following games, players hand over cards in turn clockwise. The deck is carefully shuffled and each player is dealt 5 cards, first two at a time, then three at a time, the remaining cards are placed in a closed form in the center of the table, the top card of the deck is removed and placed next to it, this is the trump suit for the game. Then the player who, in determining the partnership, drew the highest card agrees or disagrees with the trump suit. If the player agrees, the word goes to the next player. This player can disagree, and if he has a deuce, he can exchange it for a trump card, taking it to himself, thereby setting a new trump, then the word goes to the next player clockwise, which can also exchange and set a new trump, provided that his deuce is older than the laid out deuce. If all 4 players do not agree with the trump suit, the cards are collected, shuffled and dealt again. If at least one of the players agrees with the trump, then the deliverer hands over one remaining card to each player and the draw of cards begins. The first move belongs to the player who set the trump card, the player can enter from any of his cards and each next player clockwise must put a card of the same suit, if there is no such card, then he can put his any card. If the first card in the bribe draw is a deuce, then players must put any card from the trump suit. Laid out 4 cards (bribe) takes the player who puts the highest card. This player is the first to play the next cards. Thus, players play all their cards, and then count the points as follows. The player who sets the trump with his deuce (or was the last one to do so) gets 4 points for taking four deuces, 2 points for taking any three deuces, and minus 2 points for taking two or less deuces. The opponents who ordered the trump get 3 points if they take 3 deuces it’s called “NIMBY” and 6 points if they take 4 deuces it’s called double “NIMBY”. The first pair of players who in a few games played, will gain 10 or more points, becomes the winner.

Note. If after the cards are dealt, all players agree with the trump, but none of the players changed the trump with his deuce, then the player who ordered the trump becomes the player to the left of the deliverer.