Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 36 or 52
Number of players: 2-9
Card seniority: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, C, D, K, T.
The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards.
Game rules. The first deliverer is determined by lot, then the players deal the cards in turn. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed and the cards are dealt equally between all players. There may be a situation when several players will have a different number of cards. The last dealt card is shown to all players, the suit of this card becomes the trump suit. The first move belongs to the player to the left of the deliverer. The player moves one card to the player to his left. The player on the left must beat off this card, that is, put a card of the highest value and the same suit on top, or if this card is not a trump, then he must put a trump card. The card placed by the player on the left is simultaneously the turn card for the next player clockwise. Thus, each player fights back until the number of cards equal to the number of players is typed in the center of the table. After that, these cards are sent to the retreat and the player who beat the last, begins a new approach. If in the process of beating cards, any player could not beat off a card, the player takes all laid out cards of the course, and the right of a new approach passes to the player to the left of the player who took the cards. Thus, the game goes on until there are no two players left with cards. From now on, the game goes by different rules. The player can go first with any card or with two cards of the same value. With two cards, you can add any other card or two more cards of the same value. Finally, it is possible to enter five cards – two pairs and one more card. The player to whom the resembled, must recapture all the cards, if he does not recapture them, then he must take them, after which the opponent again comes to him. The player who remains with the cards in his hands becomes the loser.