Number of decks: 1
The number of cards in pack: 52 and two jokers
Number of players: 4 (two on two)
Card seniority: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, W, D, C, T, Joker
The aim of the game is to get the first 33 or more points with your partner.
Game rules. The rules of the game gave Gabriel Schwartz. Play a 4 player game where two are partners against two other players who are also partners. The first deliverer in the game is determined by lot, in the following games, players hand over cards in turn clockwise. After determining the deliverer, the deck is carefully shuffled by the deliverer and each player is dealt 12 cards and the remaining 6 cards are placed in the center of the table in the clear. Then the bidding begins, where starting from the player to the left of the deliverer, each player in turn can increase the current high bet or save. A bet is the number of bribes that a player can take. You can declare a minimum of 1 bribe, and a maximum of 6 bribes. So, the player on the left announces the bet, the next players raise it, and some say “pass” and do not participate in the trade anymore. When there is one player who wins the trade, the draw of cards (bribes) begins. The first move in the draw belongs to the player who won the trade, he plays with his partner, who should help him win 6 bribes. The player makes his first move with any two cards, then 2 cards are put by his partner and one card is taken from the center of the table, a total of 5 cards (poker combination), opponents also have to lay out two cards and one from the center of the table, after which players compare cards whose poker hand is stronger in accordance with the combinations of cards in poker. After the draw of the bribe, the played cards are postponed to the players whose cards were stronger, and the move goes to the next player clockwise in relation to the player who made the first move in the draw of the bribe. So, when all the cards will be played, the player who won his bet, along with his partner begin scoring.

Points are awarded as follows:

for 1 won bribe – 1 point;
2 a trick is won – 3 points;
for 3 won bribes – 6 points;
4 a player wins a trick – 10 points;
for 5 won bribes – 15 points;
for 6 won bribes – 21 points.

These points are awarded only if the collected number of bribes corresponds to the taken bribes. For example, 5 bribes were announced, then 15 points are awarded. But if players announced 2 bribes, and took 5 bribes, then lens are awarded the next way 1+2+2+2+2=9 points, that is, before the announced rate points in bribes would be awarded first by the number of bribes, and upon reaching the announcement of the bet – for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bribe they would be awarded 2 points (points rates). For example, if partners declared 3 bribes, and took 4, they would receive 1+2+3+3=9 points.
Thus, several games are played and the pair of players who first score 33 or more points is considered the winner.