Number of decks: 1 or more
Number of cards in the deck: 21, 28, 40, 54
Number of players: from 3 and more (maybe together with a dummy)
Card seniority: T, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, W, D, K.
Goal of the game: the first to garner 21 or more points.
Game rules. The rules of this game came up with Mike Church. He also owns the copyright to this game since 2003. Rules of the game were them invented in August 2003 in Princeton, in New Jersey. According to the author, you can learn to play in 30 seconds. The game can be played by anyone and anywhere. You can play any number of players, starting with 3. Optimally play four or five. The game can last up to 15 minutes.

The number of cards in the deck depends on the number of players.

3 players – 21 cards, 3 suits, from ACE to 7 inclusive;

4 players – 28 cards, 4 suits, from ACE to 7 inclusive;

5 players – 40 cards, 5 suits, from ACE to 8 inclusive;

6 players – 54 cards, 6 suits, from ACE to 9 inclusive;

N players – N*(N+3) cards, N suits, from ACE to N+3 inclusive. Only for 7 players and up.

The first deliverer in the game is determined by lot, in the following games, players hand over cards in turn clockwise. The deck with the required number of cards is prepared by the deliverer and after careful shuffling, each player is given an equal number of cards. When playing three of us it will be 7 cards, four of 7 cards, five of 8 cards, six of 9 cards, etc. the First move as such is not. The cards are drawn as follows. Each player puts one card on the table in a closed form. Then the players reveal these cards and the one who put a minimum a unique card won and takes cards melded (bribe) itself and puts out near him in a closed form. Then the players similarly play all the cards. When a player wins a bribe, he gets a certain number of points, which is equal to the rank of the card he played in the bribe. All cards in points correspond to their value, the ACE is one point. So that players can track the score of each player, the player who took the bribe, puts the cards of the bribe in the closed form, and his card in the bribe in the open form. If among the laid out cards there is no unique minimum card, then all cards in this bribe are placed in the cache, which lies in the center of the table in the clear.

An example of a minimum unique card in a bribe.

2-3-5-6 – two wins;

T-T-4-6 – four wins;

3-3-3-7 – seven wins;

T-T-T-T – nobody wins.;

2-2-5-5 – nobody wins.

The player who, after drawing all cards, scores 21 or more points first, becomes the winner. When playing with five or more players to win you need to score 28 or more points. If none of the players at the end of the game does not reach the desired number of points, the winner is the player with the most points.

Note. It is possible to play together, then you need to add another player is not a man, called a dummy. Dummy cards are played randomly, they lie on the table in a closed form.