Gambling card game “svara”, which has long conquered the Russian. It involves scoring, and at stake is the ability to put money. In weld simultaneously can be take from 2 to 6 players. The process of the game is carried out only on a deck of 36 cards. Each card has its own face value: ACE-11, king, Queen, Jack-10, and all the others for their specified numbers on the cards. Six cross and ACE of diamonds are in the value of the Joker, in any case, the quarrel, they have a face value of 11. You can play Svara on

How to play war-rules of the game

There are also combinations of cards, three such cards are counted as follows:

Three aces-33,
Two aces-22,
Any three sixes-36,
Any three cards, without jokers is 32.2.
Only the sum of the same suit of cards and combinations, if they were in the hands of a person, are summed up. Next, the entertainment begins, if you decide to play for money, the minimum rates are set, and each of the participants must do it. The dealer is chosen as it will be convenient for players.

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Step by step instructions:

3 cards are dealt. The first one who should be like, the participant is to the left of the dealer. From the first move, a person decides whether he will “darken” or not. If so, it does not tear off part of the cards, and subsequent players can also resort to this. And if he “not darken”, then all must open up.
You can also bluff, lead to deceive other participants. Place your bet without throwing off the cards. Your confidence may cast doubt on the following gamblers ‘ bets. Each player can choose three options for his move, first, to finish the weld by discarding cards, secondly, to put an amount similar to the rate of the previous participant, and thirdly, to increase the rate of the move. But never, not be able to bid below the previous one.
After the circle of participants of the game is passed, any player who made a bet can ask to open. He puts the necessary amount in the Bank and says ” opening for …”. All winnings are given to the person who comes out a large amount of the available denominations on hand.
When several participants of the game scored the same number of points, there is a quarrel. It is required to participate people who had an equal number of points, they can no longer bet. Other players can also take part in this, if you put half the money typed Bank or refuse to extend the game. The end time of the game will come when one of the members of the quarrel gets points. Now the pot goes to the winner, the next hand will be carried out by the participant of the game, sitting next to the previous dealer, in a circle. A new game begins.