Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 52
Number of players: 2 – 10
Seniority of cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, D, K, T.
Purpose of the game: first to score 50 points or more.
Rules of the game. Before the start of the game, players put a certain amount of money on con. The first deliverer in the game is determined by drawing lots; in the following games, the players turn in cards one by one. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed and 12 cards are dealt to each player, if there are many players and it is impossible to turn in 12 cards, then they are dealt as much as they will. The last card dealt is shown to all players is a trump card. If there are cards left, they are placed in the center of the table and do not take part in the game. The first move belongs to the player to the left of the deliverer, then to the player who will take the bribe. The player puts his any card. The following players clockwise must place a card of the same suit; if there is no such card, they must place a trump card, if there is no trump card, they can put their own any card. A player who holds a trump ace can put any of his cards. After all cards are drawn, points are calculated for bribes. Wins the player who scores 50 points or more, and he takes all the money put at stake. If several players score 50 points or more, then the money put on the stake is divided in equal proportions between these players. The cost of cards with points: an ace – 5 points, a king – 4 points, a lady – 3 points, a jack – 2 points, 10 – 1 point, the other cards have no points.

Variant of the game 1. In this game you can play tarot cards. In this case, the cards have the following points: fool – 5 points; king, bullshit and light – 4 points; Queen – 3 points; knight – 2 points; Jack – 1 point; the remaining cards do not have points. Place players on the cards. First place on the highest map, the rest of the places clockwise in a circle to the lowest map. The sender is the player who has the highest card. The rest of the game is the same. A player who has a fool in his hands can, in the absence of the necessary card, place his any card on the first card in the bribe draw.

Variant of the game 2. Tarot cards are played in this game. Points are awarded for cards in accordance with their dignity. The win in each hand is determined first by kings, queens, knights, jacks, light, fool and figure. If several players have an equal number of points equal to or more than fifty, then the winner of these players is the player who scores more points on other cards.