Their trumps (Challenge, challenge)

Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 24 or 32
Number of players: 2
The seniority of cards: 7, 8, 9, 10, j, Q, K, T
The goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.
Game rules. Before the game, each player chooses a color suit and trump. For example, one chooses the suit of red, and the trump of hearts, the other chooses the suit of black, and the trump of spades. The first deliverer of the game is determined by lot, in the following games players are dealt cards at a time. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed and dealt equally between the two players. After that, each player selects his suit from his cards, and gives the extra cards to the opponent. Thus, each player has a mirror image of the opponent’s cards, only of a different suit. The first move belongs to the deliverer’s opponent. He can walk with any card. The deliverer must kill the card of the walking card of the same suit or his trump card. If the deliverer can not kill, then he takes the card himself. Another player is allowed to throw up cards of the same value as the turn card or the cards that the deliverer interrupts. If the deliverer interrupted, the cards are put aside and he makes a move. If the deliverer takes the cards, the turn goes to another player. The player who gets rid of all his cards first wins. In the event that both players run out of cards at the same time, the winner is the one who first looked like.