Number of decks: 1
Number of cards in the deck: 52
Number of players: 3-5
The cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, In, D, K, T.
The aim of the game is to score 500 or more points first.
Game rules. The rules of this game are provided by Drew Brokke. Nothing special in my opinion, it does not stand out among other games, the game is a bribe type. The first deliverer in the game is determined by lot, and in the following games, players deal cards in turn clockwise. The deck is carefully shuffled, from the middle of the deck, any of the players takes out a card, shows everyone and puts it back. The suit of this card becomes a trump card. The deliverer then deals all cards equally one at a time between all players. Next, the player to the left of the player starts trading, he first says how many bribes he will take, and each subsequent player must either say “pass”, then he misses the trade, or call the greater number of bribes that he will take. As soon as this player is determined, the draw of cards (bribes) begins. The first move in the draw belongs to the player who has 2 clubs, and if the clubs are trumps, then the one who has a deuce of diamonds. The player can like any of his cards, and each next player clockwise to put a map of the same suit if a card suit not, should put a trump card trump if not, can put any card. The laid out cards are taken by the player who will put the highest card, he also owns the right of the first move in the drawing of the next bribe. Thus, the players play all the cards, after which the players count the points for the cards taken (bribes). If the player took the declared number of bribes, then when declaring 13 or more bribes, he is awarded positive points, and if he did not take negative points. When declaring 13 or more bribes, the player can say that multiplies them by 2, then the number of positive and negative points for these bribes is multiplied by 2. When counting all other bribes, if the player does not take the announced number of bribes, he receives 0 points, penalty points in this case are not assigned, and the other players receive positive points for bribes. The cost of bribes: bribes 0 is 100 points, 1 bribe is 90 points, 2 bribes is 80 points, 3 bribes is 70 points, 4 bribes is 60 points, etc. the Player who first scores 500 or more points is the winner. If players decide to play a lot of games, it is possible to set the limit of points to win is not 500, and 1000 points.